Christmas Gifts for Wild Swimmers

Posted by Elly Burke on 15th Nov 2021

Christmas Gifts for Wild Swimmers

  • Somehow, Christmas is only 40 days away. Can you believe it- the year is whizzing by?!  If you’re racking your brains wondering what to buy for the Wild Swimmer in your life, fear not, MÔR have you covered

1.Tow Float

Tow Floats are essential bits of kit, ensuring swimmers are visible in the water. They can also double up as handy storage bags. We have a range of Tow Floats in stock- dry storage bags, donut floats or just a basic float.

  • SOLA SWIM BUOY -28L bag- it comes in either Pink or Orange. £19.00

  • Swim Secure Wild Swim Dry Bag is 30L bag that comes with rucksack straps- ideal if you have a bit of a trek in. £36.00

Swim Secure Wild Swim Bag

  • Swim Secure Donut Float – available in Orange or Pink £27.00

  • Swim Secure 28L Dry Bag – available in Citrus, Orange or Pink. £30.00

  • Swim Secure Window Dry Bag -28L capacity. £33.00

2. Changing Robe

Changing Robes are amazing for keeping you warm and toasty before and after a swim. We have a nice selection of changing robes in stock – a fantastic gift for anyone that intends to swim all year round.

  • NorthCore Beach Basha Pro – A WeatherProof Outer layer and a removable cotton inner layer make this a versatile bit of kit. £129.99

  • NorthCore Beach Basha Sport -Super cosy Sherpa Fleece Lined- one size fits all £110.00

  • Change Robe -Waterproof Outer and Synthethic Wool inner- a multifunctional and very cosy Changing robe £110.00

  • SmocSmoc – Local to us, SmocSmoc, are made in Britain. This Eco Robe features a gorgeously soft Bamboo lining £150.00

  • SOLA Changing Robe– Waterproof Outer and Fleece Lined Inner £87.00


  • Two Bare Feet Changing Robe- Our most affordable Robe at £73.99

  • Two Bare Feet Kids Change Robe £59.99

3.Towelling Poncho

Poncho Towels are fab bits of kit for any Wild Swimmer. If you don’t fancy going down the Changing Robe route, a poncho is the next best thing. Great for discreet changes, lovely and warm-and quick to wash & dry.

  • SlowTide Poncho – Beautiful designs & extremely cosy £70.00


  • NorthCore Beach Basha – Thick & snuggly cotton towelling poncho £36.99

  • NorthCore Children’s Beach Basha – Thick & snuggly cotton towelling poncho £27.99


4. Neoprene Gloves

Keep the chill of your extremities with a good pair of gloves…

  • Two Bare Feet Neoprene Gloves £16.99

5. Hat

Hats are super important for retaining heat when swimming in Winter – do you fancy a big snuggly bobble, or slim-line Neoprene- either way, we’ve got some great options…

  • Swimbler Waterproof Bobble Hat -from £30.00

  • Swimbler Waterproof Beanie - £26.99
  • Bartleby Waterproof Bobble Hat -£14.99

  • ProLimit Neoprene Hat -from £22.99

5. Neoprene Socks/Booties

Keep those tootsies protected from the chill with booties or socks…

  • ProLimit Booties £55.99

  • Two Bare Feet Neoprene Socks £13.99

8.Rash Vest/Thermal Rash Vests

In need of a little extra layer, to help keep the cold at bay? 

  • Gill Pro Long Sleeve Rash Vest £35.00

  • Gill Eco Long Sleeve Rash Vest £40.00

  • Gill Hydrophobe (Thermal) Rash Vest £52.00

9.Wetsuit Top

Looking for something warmer to help you stay in the water for that little bit longer?

  • Gill ZenLite Wetsuit Top in 1.5mm Limestone Neoprene £84.00

  • Two Bare Feet Womens Aspect Fleece Lined Zipless Thermal 2.5mm Superstretch Wetsuit Top £39.99

  • Two Bare Feet Womens Harmony 3mm Long Sleeve Wetsuit Jacket £27.99

Great Stocking Filler Ideas

1. Adventure Lights – available in White, Blue, Green, Red or Yellow £14.99-£19.99

2. Gill Floating Glasses Retainers – available in Grey or Red £6.00

3. Waterproof Phone Case – We have two to choose from -Overboard £21.99  and Swim Secure £7.99

4. Swim Secure Nose Clip £4.99