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Anomy Sup - Designed ‘My Own Way’ Anomy SUP’s unique boards are a burst of creative energy. Anomy believes in “Expression through Style” and work with world renowned illustrators and graphic designers to create stylish, fresh and beautiful boards. The Anomy all-round board is a versatile board,  designed for use across a wide range of conditions, and by all kinds of riders.  The boards are designed to ride smoothly and predictably in the water, in all water conditions, regardless of the riders level. Anomy’s products are made to the highest international standards of quality and innovation.  11’6 Board Size: 11’6″x 31″x6″ / 350cm x 787mm x 152mm All-Around: Touring boards for the shorter and lighter ANOMY SUP CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT BECAUSE COMFORT IS HAVING IT ALL We want you to be equipped with the best to highly enjoy your Anomy paddle-surf boards. That’s why they come with a complete pack that includes: Adjustable 3-pieces paddle. Built with durable ABS blade covered in unique illustrations from our artists and a 35% Carbon shaft. The unique carbon look of its shaft rounds off this incredible package. New ANTI TWIST SYSTEM: This system puts an end to using additional forces whilst locking your adjustable system. Double-action pump to allow you to decide what pressure you want for your board in a faster and comfortable pump-up Eco-Friendly Backpack with a large cargo space and wheels. Easy entry zipper, padded straps, belts & accessory compartments for effortless packing. Screw and Click systems Fin, designed to be inserted and removed easily in seconds 10′ Coiled leash ARTIST IBANE CEREZO She has been drawing for as long as she can remember. She was born in the Basque Country, but now lives in Barcelona, where she has been able to develop her creativity and turn her hobby into her trade. Flora and fauna are always present in her work, as part of a parallel universe where she tends to dive into through the practice of i||ustration. From the spontaneity of a little giri, she has made drawing a way of life and, nowadays, is what unites her to her truest self.